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There is no iota of doubt that grime and dirt reduce the life of every carpet. Let the experienced and highly skilled technicians at Brooke’s Chem-Dry provides you the Carpet Cleaning Services. We are highly instrumental Carpet Cleaners serving in Topeka and the surrounding Shawnee County KS. Though Topeka is served by many carpet cleaners but only a few can match the cleanliness provided us. Our experience of more than decade helps us to be abreast with other cleaning service providers. We are capable of removing the stain without the need of the chemicals. 


Affordable & Green Carpet Service


 We are proud to introduce ourselves as the signature green carpet cleaner. We are not like others who use store-bought cleaning solutions or hazardous chemicals. We use “The Natural”, our patented rotary cleaning machine along with non-toxic cleaning solutions to eliminate even the most determined grime. 


In order to keep your carpet healthy and inviting, we recommend deep carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months. (Be sure to check your carpet warranty for particular requirements). The deep cleaning will help in removing the stains, dust and grime which together offer adverse impact on the life of the carpet. Furthermore, with cleaning of carpets, you also avoid health hazards and allergies which are outcome of dirt. 

We are recommended by Carpet Manufacturers


Most of the manufacturers recommend green carpet cleaning. In order to make your carpet live long, we use best in class cleaning solutions and technology. We use “The Natural” which a very powerful carpet cleaner based on our patented technology. The rotary cleaning machine make the dirt, grime and stain causing agents to loose and then it will eventually pull them out from your carpet. It is non sticky or soapy. Owing to this property, the carpets we clean won’t gather dirt or grime. 


When looking for a cleaning professional, we offer: 

  • Superior deep carpet cleaning equipment “The Natural”.
  • An affordable cleaning price along with customize cleaning programmes.
  • The best cleaning materials that only a professional carpet cleaner can offer.

If you are looking for carpet cleaning services in Topeka or affordable carpet cleaners in Shawnee County KS, then contact your friends at Brooke’s Chem-Dry. We are specialized in this cleaning business with loads of experience. We are high skilled yet affordable. You can count on our experience. Call at 785-272-9508 or fill our enquiry form.





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