Hire Professionals for Area Rug Cleaning in Topeka KS

Area rugs require gentle, delicate and effective approach to cleaning. That’s why, it is recommended that don’t settle for anything less than a professional rug cleaning services. Brooke’s Chem-Dry is a professional carpet cleaning company offering impeccable rug cleaning services to esteemed clients based in Topeka KS or in surrounding Shawnee County. With loads of experience in this business domain, we are know how to handle the delicate fibres in your rug.


It is not wise to clean up the area rugs on your own. Doing it by yourself, often damages the rugs either because of the hard scrubbing or because of the use of the wrong cleaning solutions and utensils. Your area rugs are as special as you are and often too costly – to take that risk. That’s why take help from the professional area rugs cleaners like us who have the knowledge and expertise to clean area rugs the proper way. We have literally cleaned thousands of oriental and area rugs over the years.


Leave It To Professionals at Brooke’s Chem-Dry


We, at Brooke’s Chem-Dry, know that every area rug cleaning situation is different. In order to provide you best in class cleaning services, first of all, we conduct a thorough analysis of your rugs, marking any heavily soiled or high traffic areas that may need special attention. With this, we determine which cleaning solution will best suit your particular carpet, and then amalgamate it with our state of the art equipment to get optimum results. Our cleaning solutions will renew the beauty of your area rugs. 


We have cleaned almost all kinds of rugs including the synthetic or natural fibres. Synthetic Fibres are easier to clean and aggressive spot cleaning products can be used on them. While on the other hand, natural fibres, like wool rugs, are normally thicker. The wool safe cleaning solution is a preferred choice for cleaning them. A mildly acidic cleaning solution is recommended by The Woolsafe Organization of New Zealand for natural fibres. An application of protectant to the rugs after cleaning is essential owing to the fact that it allows you time to clean up spills before they become permanent stains.


Repair & Urine Odor Removal


We can also do some repair works to the rugs. After analysing the condition of the rug we give you our professional opinion about whether the rug should be repaired. At times, the repairing a rug actually devalues it. Before cleaning, we do inspection of the rug so that we can annotate any concerns on the invoice.


We do offer urine odor and stain removal services from your area rugs. Pet urine can damage the quality of air and it is also essential to get it eliminated in order to make your place more inviting. With the help of our signature products, we eliminate the unpleasing odor from your carpets and rugs.


One question that may come to your mind is whether we clean the rug at home or take them with us. If the rugs are on a hard wood floor and depending on the condition of the rug in most cases it is preferrable for us to take the oriental rugs back to our shop.  We strive for a four day turn around. That is dependent on the number of rugs we have to clean.


In particular if the rugs need special cleaning or treatments then it may increase the length of time we need to have the rug.  That is another reason it is best if we can take the rug with us – the extra time and attention we can take at the shop.


If you are looking for area rug cleaning services in Topeka KS or in surrounding Shawnee County, then call 785-272-9508. Why to clean rugs at home when you have expert rugs cleaners who are rendering excellent services at very affordable rates.


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